David Finch

Go Further with in depth courses and lessons

Draw along with real time, full length lessons designed to guide you in your artistic journey. 

Drawing superhero heads

This is a step-by-step, real time course, broken down into easy to digest chapters and lessons. We'll cover the entire process of drawing heads, from simple construction, movement in space, feature drawing, shadow, and all the way through to a refined finish.

Drawing backgrounds and perspective

This hour and a half long in depth video covers the use of practical perspective for comics and illustration. Learn the basics of perspective, how to use it in your daily workflow, and finishes with multiple examples of a variety of background settings.

Drawing Dynamic superheros

This video is almost 3 hours long, and it details my superhero drawing process, from basic sketching, through to anatomy, common mistakes, line weight, lighting, through to polished figures. Both this video, and Drawing Backgrounds and Perspective have been available for several years, and they're a great encapsulation of my process.
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