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Welcome to the new site!

I’ve written this post a few times now, not because I didn’t know what I wanted to say to you all, but because I keep formatting this thing wrong, and have to redo it!

The last few months have been a huge learning curve for me, with YouTube, course creation, livestreams, Zoom meetings, and now website design. Oh, and Discord! I owe a huge thanks to Erick Grove for all his help. He’s the Discord Admin, livestream moderator, and all around tech help around here. And thank you so much to all of you who’ve been watching my tutorials on Youtube, following the streams and commenting, and posting work to Discord. You’ve all helped create a vibrant community, and I feel like I’ve made a lot of new friends with all of you. Drawing comics is a very solitary endeavor, so it’s been very gratifying for me to get to know you all. You’ve been so incredibly supportive, and patient with my tech blunders along the way. I wish I could say that those are in the past, but it’s an ongoing process figuring all this stuff out.

Speaking of which, I’ve got my first course up on the site right now. It’s been up on Skillshare for a couple of months, but now I’ve got it self hosted. A few people have already given it a try here, and if you do try it, please leave me feedback, not only on the course itself, but also any issues that you may have. I’ve set up a community for course related content, and I hope it runs smoothly, but I’m kind of learning that problems come with the territory. I’ll use your feedback to keep making things better and easier to use.

Also, be sure to check out the store. I’ve got stuff for sale there, but I also have some free resources for you to use, and I’ll keep adding more.

Alright, I’m getting back to work! I hope you enjoy the new site!



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